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A Letter From Our 2014-2015 President

The OCSC (Our Community Spouse Club) provides its members a friendly environment where you can explore new social connections with your fellow spouses in the Fort Riley community. We offer events and activities which encourage laughter, friendship, and volunteer service. The pillars of our organization are commitment to the ideals of good fellowship; sustainment of a charitable service platform; and opportunities for professional and personal development.

We meet monthly for luncheons and evening special activities and have two large scale fundraisers per year. Our luncheons are open to guests and we strive to promote camaraderie among all spouses. Our luncheons are fun and some are very educational. We look forward to meeting you at one of our magnificent upcoming events this year!

I look forward to supporting the club as the new President of OCSC. Feel free to contact me directly at any time with suggestions or comments. My email is president@fortrileyocsc.com.

All the best,
Mary Britton

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Childcare Options for 2014-2015

We regret to let our members know that the 2014-2015 Fort Riley OCSC year WILL NOT offer child care for luncheons. After looking at previous years, the OCSC has had a loss when it comes to child care. We have looked at raising our prices, but feel there are other more affordable options for our members on and off post. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. The following are other options available to you: 

CYSS Hourly Care (Make reservations early)

ASYMCA (Junction City)
(785) 238-2972

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